Companies Are People, Too

Get others’ opinion on the Companies Are People, Too experience


“It’s crystalized our vision of our company.” Charlie Steitz Sauer, Inc.


“Companies Are People, Too, was a real shot in the arm to our marketing. It got our efforts to attract new clients off the ground.” Lauren Dixon Dixon Schwabl Advertising, Inc.


“The results were amazing.” Mary Louise Majewski Science Central, Inc.


“Always right on target.” Roy Shafer Strategies for Organizational Change


“The discussion still goes on. We see what our challenges really are.” Mark Enfield Kirkpatrick Science and Air Space Museum at Omniplex


“It gave us language to use in our proposals and marketing communications.” Walter Roch von Rochsburg Scruggs & Hammond


“We are now asking questions that we weren’t asking before.” Charlie Walter Fort Worth Museum of Science and History


“A super concept…gives you language for marketing.” Tom Fitzpatrick Elford, Inc.


“It energized our leadership.” Eileen Smith Great Explorations


“It’s months later, and people still talk about it.” Linda Johnson The Witte Museum


“Skepticism fell by the wayside.” Sara McMurry MOSI, Inc.


“It was the best day our organization ever had.” Greg Belew Hand’s On! Inc.


“It opened a dialogue so that we can work on our identity issues: who we want to be vs. who we are.” Joe Sullivan Sullivan Gray Bruck



“Now everyone is much more accepting of each other. I’ve recommended this to a nuber of other companies, including our own clients.” Michael L. Schwabl Dixon Schwabl Advertising Inc.


“Mapping our sore points has led to several practical solutions: establishing clear teams with schedules and budgets, for instance.” Per-Edvin Persson Heureka: The Finnish Science Centre


“This is an excellent program, especiallywhen an organization is facing astonishing change.” Nancy Kolb Please Touch