Companies Are People, Too

Companies achieve branding success after implementing the assessment results

Here are three examples of organizations that used their Companies Are People, Too profile as a guide to develop their identity package and positioning. It’s a great tool for designers (graphic and interior) to get a quick, yet complete understanding of the essence of your company. For branding assistance, contact To share your experience with using CAP2 as a branding tool, use the Contact Us form.


Heart Specialists of Ohio

This cardiology practice profiled as an “You Can Count On Us” organization, with Introverted, Sensing, Feeling and Judging preferences. We believe this is a common profile for health care organizations.

In branding this organization, the logo design and message needed to convey compassion, quality, integrity (realistic), communication and dependability. This organization is deeply dedicated to patients with an intense feeling of caring for them.

Neurological Associates

This neuroscience practice profiled as an “Playing by the Rules” organization, with Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking and Judging preferences, which we believe is typical for a medical practice that has a strong surgical and technological component. The team type was ISFJ, which balances the results-oriented preferences of the organization with strong empathy and caring at point of delivery. In branding this organization, the design and copy emphasize its results-oriented nature. This organization is very focused on getting results, has strong skills in the mechanics and technology of medicine and is empathetic to patients, yet more concerned with finding answers.

Bird Houk Collaborative

This architectural firm offering architecture, land planning and landscape architecture services, profiled as a “We Aim to Please” organization, with Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling and Perceiving preferences. The logo development for this organization was influenced by the sense of energy, spontaneity and practicality that are evident in the work place. Bird-Houk Collaborative’s vision is to Create Great Places for the Benefit of All, using design and economic sense. Its mission is “Solutions Inspired by Possibilities.”