Companies Are People, Too

The Organizational Profile assesses the company’s culture

The results are based on a compilation of answers given by company leaders, influencers, managers, opinion leaders and workers. The answers reveal each participant’s experiences and perceptions, which when added together, result in a consensus that serves as a foundation for dialogue.


This 84-item assessment tool may be delivered online to an unlimited number of people in a company. It requires about 10 minutes to answer the multiple-choice (A or B) questions. A designated administrator registers to gain access to the instrument, and receives a password and log in instructions via email. The administrator then enters the names and passwords of the people who will participate and notifies each person of their log in information. When everyone is finished, the administrator clicks on “submit results”. An invoice is immediately issued and once paid online, the report is available for viewing and download by the administrator.


The report includes:


Scoresheet showing each participant’s results and the composite result

Narrative of the resulting personality profile including strengths, weaknesses, work  environment, values, communications style, sources of energy, signs of stress, behavior during conflict, approaches to managing change and ideal clients

Bar graph visually depicting variance in scores among the four preferences (Focus of  Energy, Information Gathering, Decision Making and Work Style)

Sortable spreadsheet that enables the administrator to sort and analyze results by department, office or title


View Sample Organizational Profile Report

View Sample Organizational Profile Scoresheet

View Sample Organizational Profile Statistics Spreadsheet  (.csv file)


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