Companies Are People, Too

Living your company culture is the key to authenticity inside and out, which translates to success

In various ways  Companies Are People, Too can be used as a springboard for your company’s success.

Consulting and Coaching

Discovering your company’s personality inevitably leads to a desire to integrate it into every facet of the organization. This noble cause requires a champion–someone inside who will guide the implementation of changes, action steps and communication. Coaching and Consulting Services are available to provide guidance and encouragement along the way. Simply check the appropriate box on the contact form


Customized workshops can be designed to present CAP2 results to a team presented by a qualified CAP2 facilitator. Handouts and a PowerPoint presentation will be provided to present your company’s personality profile results, strengths and growth opportunities it also serves as a guide to work with the group to validate and articulate those results and develop an action plan to bring the company’s personality to life. The workshop is developed to meet your specific objectives and can last from one hour to a two-day retreat. Here are some of the workshop topics we have developed:

Understand who you are as a company
Articulate your vision, mission and values
Build effective relationships with the best target audiences
Design strategies for change
Position for merger or acquisition
Evaluate company, leader, team and individual personalities for better communication, understanding and productivity
Annual planning


Strategic Planning

For companies who are committed to becoming truly great by using their CAP2 personality profile results as a catalyst for strategic planning, we offer a program that utilizes the popular Framework for Decision-Making model that is discussed in the book, Companies Are People, Too: Discover, Develop and Grow Your Company’s Personality. A trained consultant will facilitate the development of a strategic intent plan based on your core ideology, with specific steps toward organizational change. You will be coached through developing a decision-making model that will bring into alignment the thousands of decisions that are made daily by people in your organization. This is the model that was successfully used by Elford Construction Company and the Museum of Science and Industry-both case studies in our book. For more information, check the appropriate box on the contact form


Helping companies deliver marketing promises and a brand identity that is consistent with their personality was the impetus for the development of CAP2. The BrandAlignment Marketers at Marketing Works, are astute marketers. We can evaluate your current messages with a communications audit, and provide recommendations to bring your visual and verbal marketing messages into alignment with your personality and culture. The BrandAlignment Marketers at Marketing Works can also provide positioning and creative platform recommendations, perform a competitive analysis, and measure your customers’ experiences with your company against your perceptions. For more information, read Successes  or check the appropriate box on the contact form