Companies Are People, Too

Do you want to be able to project who your company is with confidence, consistency, clarity and alignment?

As a diagnostic tool, Companies Are People, Too will provide you with a lot of very useful information. Just as an X-ray will diagnose a broken bone, action must be taken to change or repair a disconnect in a company’s personality. In our experience with hundreds of companies who have used CAP2, it works….if you work it. Visit the Resources section to download free templates from the book and learn what others have done by visiting the Successes section.


We want you to succeed at applying the information you get from your CAP2 profile to implement positive changes in your company. To that end, we offer training for consultants and your company’s own trainers. Plus, we offer workshops in your offices or off-site to present the results and help you create an action plan around them. If you haven’t yet articulated your vision, mission and values, we can facilitate the process in a workshop format, using your CAP2 results as the foundation for discovery. Our consulting services include a communications audit to bring the messages you’re sending into alignment with your company’s personality.