Companies Are People, Too



“In most cases, the CEO’s perception of a company’s personality is drastically different than what the rest of the organization perceives. In this dynamic read, Companies are People, Too, will help you discover how to identify the true personality of your company. With this realization you will optimize opportunities and become irresistible to your customers and prospective employees by simply being yourself – on purpose.”

–Hal F. Rosenbluth, Chairman and CEO, Rosenbluth International


“Nordstrom and’s success can be credited to each company’s customer service-focused personality, which inevitably benefits the bottom line. Sandra Fekete’s book will boost your company’s bottom line with her insightful step-by-step approach to¬†define¬†and refine the personality of your organization.”

– Robert Spector, author, The Nordstrom Way and Get Big Fast


“Finally, a book based on solid theory that brings companies to life. This exciting new view of organizational personality provides a refreshing approach that allows leaders to set aside their personal preferences and lead large-scale change, culture transitions and strategic planning according to their companies’ innate preferences.”

– Henry L. Thompson, Ph.D., President & CEO, High Performing Systems


“Experts say that it’s better to know something about your spouse than everything about marriage. In Companies Are People, Too, Sandra Fekete proves that it is also better to know the essence of your company than all about business. Her insights are presented clearly, providing readers with the enlightenment they’ll need to manage, function in, or market their own business. This is a breakthrough book. I recommend it highly.”

–Jay Conrad Levinson, author, “Guerrilla Marketing” series of books

(over 14 million copies sold; now in 39 languages)


“Sandy Fekete’s breakthrough book will be a significant benefit to executives looking to maximize the power of their corporate brands. A great opportunity exists in most companies to build a more reflective and constructive relationship with employees-ultimately impacting the company with improved bottom line financial performance. This book will help those executives who understand this important value proposition and want to do something about improving it.”

–James R. Gregory, CEO, CoreBrand, LLC, Stamford, CT

Author: Marketing Corporate Image, Leveraging the Corporate Brand, Branding

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“Companies trying to build their brands often don’t know what they stand for-is the customer experiencimg their brand promises? Companies are People, Too, with the perfect balance between theory and practice, gives readers the tools to identify the personality behind their brand promise, and then live that personality.”

–F. Joseph LePla and Lynn M. Parker, co-authors

Integrated Branding and Brand-Driven