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Learn how CAP2 provides a snapshot of your culture

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3 Reasons March Madness Pools Benefit Company Culture

It’s every college basketball lover’s favorite time of the year – March Madness! This is an exciting time with all of the upsets, Cinderella stories and last minute three-pointers. It’s an equally exciting boost for company morale, with friendly competition, and many opportunities to get better acquainted with co-workers.  While an estimated $1.2 billion is lost in productivity during March Madness, at Marketing Works, we see a spike in,...

5 Ways Personality Tests Help You Get the Most Out of Your Team

You don’t have to be ambidextrous to be able to write with either hand.  Most people can do it.  But using your dominant hand is definitely more productive.  Try this simple exercise:  with writing instrument in your dominant hand, sign your name.  Now, switch hands and sign your name with your other hand. “It felt like a seizure.” “Very awkward.” “Time consuming.”  “Required more thought and effort.” “Stressful.” ...

How to Brand Your Blog

Bloggers are a dime a dozen in today’s world, which is why it’s so important to make sure your blog is in alignment with your brand. Your brand conveys the tone, messaging and personality of your company.  A branded blog helps differentiate you from the countless other bloggers and more importantly, helps you control how you present yourself to your followers. Follow these steps to help brand your own blog based on your company’s personali...

Marketing Culture, Inside and Out

If you’re interested in finding new ways to tell your company’s story, a video on company culture can be a fun way to project your company environment in a way that you can easily control. It allows recruiters to learn what it’s like to work in your company and potential prospects to get a stronger sense of the culture.   Kids II, an inventor of toys for babies and children, is a great example. In their video below they discuss...

3 Employee Engagement Tips to Boost Morale in the Workplace

According to Gallup, only 30 percent of the U.S. workforce is engaged in their work. What does this mean for your employee morale? Less productivity, less motivation and less satisfaction for employees. When your workforce lacks these fundamentals for producing good work, your company lacks - well, talent. Creating an inviting culture that engages your employees is an important element when it comes to boosting employee morale.   Here...